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The Chiropractic Center

The place that truly cares

Dr. James Goldman, DC

Looking for a walk-in chiropractor in Cleveland, TN?

We're here for you.  We understand that sometimes you need Chiropractic help right away, so walk-ins are always welcome at The Chiropractic Center.  We'll do our very best to quickly work you into our schedule.  

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Low Force Adjustments

A drugless, noninvasive approach to balancing brainwaves

Relief from tension, migraine, and cluster headaches 

The latest Chiropractic technology created to deliver gentle and precise adjustments

We Specialize In

What are people saying?

Real Reviews from Real Patients

Cycling in the Countryside

“The coolest experience I've had as a patient.  Worth every penny.  Dr. Goldman at the Chiropractic Center is incredible.  I think I am at least 2 inches taller.”

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How much is a



We're always transparent about cost, so that you feel at ease and prepared.  One of our practice values is to offer consistent and affordable rates, so you can quickly get back to living a full life.

Below are prices for established patients.  (Established means you've already had your start-up evaluation visit.)  


We want to exceed your expectations and truly see you heal, so we made sure you're getting double the value for the cost.  



Primary adjustment - $50


  • low force adjustment

  • cold laser therapy  


Intensive adjustment - $65


  • low force adjustment

  • cold laser therapy

  • E-stim therapy

  • heat & ice therapy

Dry needling - $75

​ includes: 

  • 1-2 regions of the body

  • up to 10 trigger points

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Is getting started affordable?

Yes!  We're proud to offer start-up visits for just $100. 


Start-up costs can be expensive at other places, but not at

The Chiropractic Center.  And because we aim to provide maximum value at a reasonable cost, your first visit is packed full of these healing services: ​

  • initial exam & evaluation

  • low force adjustment

  • cold laser therapy

  • basic nutritional muscle testing

  • E-stim therapy

  • heat & ice therapy 

  • custom treatment plan consultation


Looking for the BEST chiropractor in Cleveland, TN?

Dr. Goldman is honored to have won The Cleveland Daily Banner's "Best of the Best Chiropractor" award in 2018 and 2013.  The Chiropractic Center is so grateful for our patients' votes!

We're proud to offer an unparalleled combination of skills and expertise, an innovative doctor that is influencing chiropractic care as we know it, and over 15 years of experience helping people out of pain. 


You've probably noticed some new "pop & done" places out there that are like the fast food of chiropractic. Spending no more than 5 minutes on each patient, doing the same generalized crack every time, and making people feel like products on an assembly line.


We set a much higher bar at The Chiropractic Center.  We treat our patients like family, and we take your medical care seriously.  We want you to leave your appointment knowing you've had the best treatment in the business, with an experienced professional who truly cares.       

Blue ribbon with stars

Blue ribbon with stars

Need ongoing treatment but worried it's not doable?

We know sometimes it takes multiple visits to get your health back on track.  Whether you're recovering from an injury, or have a reoccurring issue that requires maintenance, sometimes you need ongoing care for a period of time.  


That's why The Chiropractic Center offers customized, affordable, 3 & 6 month care plans.  These plans are put in place to help you save, when you need it the most. 


We know your needs are unique. 

Every one of our patients gets the highest level of care and attention.  We never want you to feel like just a number. 


We also understand that every body and situation is different, so we don't prescribe the same cookie-cutter treatment plan for everyone.  Dr. Goldman will recommend a customized plan of care based on his thorough evaluation of your unique structure and symptoms.  


At the Chiropractic Center, our goal is to meet all your health, financial, and scheduling needs.  So we partner with you to come up with an affordable treatment plan that works for you.   

Come feel the difference in working with a doctor who truly loves helping people.  Let us help you get back the pain-free life you deserve.  Contact us to schedule your appointment today. 

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