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Come see the Experts.

At The Chiropractic Center, we take pride in offering the most up-to-date wellness care to our patients.  It's what sets us apart from the others.  Below are the healing services we specialize in, right in the heart of Cleveland, Tennessee.

Low Force Adjustments

We specialize in Low Force Adjustments.  How does a chiropractor perform a Low Force Adjustment, you may ask?  The way we do it, is with the FDA approved Impulse Instrument Adjuster. 


This state-of-the-art instrument is designed to give a more gentle, precise adjustment, and to reduce pain and inflammation.  When you receive an adjustment that is controlled and accurately targeted to your specific problem area, you may reach a higher level of pain relief and healing.  No more generalized popping and cracking. 


Low Force Adjustments are the safe and effective adjustments of the future.  Have you had a chiropractor use the Impulse Instrument in the past and weren't impressed?  Come feel the difference at The Chiropractic Center.  Our doctor is certified in Low Force Adjusting, and is the most experienced Impulse Instrument Adjuster in our area.



Rocks of Balance

We're excited to now offer this cutting edge treatment!  Neurofeedback is a noninvasive, drugless approach to healing by way of balancing brainwave patterns. 


What is Neurofeedback therapy used for?  This amazing, yet simple treatment has been scientifically shown to help those who suffer from symptoms relating to the following conditions and more:


  • Anxiety / Depression


  • Migraines

  • Memory loss

  • Learning disorders 

  • Insomnia

  • Fibromyalgia / Chronic pain

  • Autism  

After Dr. Goldman saw positive results from Neurofeedback for one of his own family members, he knew this treatment would benefit so many of his patients as well.

How does Neurofeedback work?  By using cognitive training to encourage new and healthier brainwaves.  In other words, brain training!  This reward-based technique starts by first identifying the brainwave patterns that are associated with your symptoms.  This step is the "Brain-Mapping" step.  

Next start the trainings.  You will simply relax and view a movie or video on the computer screen.  When the negative brainwave patterns are detected, the screen will get darker and the video will be harder to view.  



When the brain is showing more positive, healthy brainwave patterns, the screen brightens and is then easier and more enjoyable to watch.

This simple cognitive technique rewards the brain for positive brainwaves.  Over the course of several trainings, new pathways are developed, making way for the healthy brain patterns to replace the negative ones.  This method has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective.  

If you or a loved one is looking for a drug-free treatment option to any of the conditions listed above, contact us to schedule a Neurofeedback consultation today.

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Do you suffer from chronic headaches?  If so, you are not alone.  But what most people don't know, is that the source of their headache may be coming from a misalignment that Chiropractic can fix. 


How freeing would it be to not be dependent on headache medicine, and instead get to the root cause of the problem to fix it?  


Dr. James Goldman specializes in treating headaches with Chiropractic care. In fact, some patients report an immediate resolve of their symptoms after his unique adjustments.  He has become so successful in treating headaches that stem from structural misalignments, that it has become one of his specialty services. 

If you are suffering from regular headaches and think a structural issue may be the cause, contact us today for an evaluation appointment. 


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