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The Place That Truly Cares 

At the Chiropractic Center, we take a heart-centered approach to treatment.  We truly care, and are invested in your health. 


Dr. Goldman is passionate about helping people get relief from pain and suffering, because he believes that every person deserves to live a pain-free life.

We welcome you as a patient, regardless of the current state of your health. 



You've thrown your back out and can barely walk? 

Come see us. 


You're an athlete needing a routine adjustment to stay at the top of your game?  We can help. 


You've been suffering with headaches for years now? 

Call us today!


Meet the Doctor

Dr. James N. Goldman received his Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University.  He is a certified impulse instrument adjuster, and has an advanced certification in QEEG and Neurofeedback.  He has a bachelor's degree in biology, and an associate's degree in respiratory therapy.  With over 15 years of experience, and his unique combination of skills and expertise, Dr. Goldman is leading the way in the Chiropractic industry. 

Dr. Goldman has 5 sons, including a set of twins, and a brand new granddaughter to keep him busy.  He also has a lovable golden retriever named L.C.  When he's not working, you can find him spending time with family in the great outdoors. They love everything from mountain biking and hiking through our beautiful local terrain, to traveling and camping in their pop-up camper during the Fall, to kayaking down the river and boating on the lake during the Summer.  He also loves to work out for strength and wellness.    

Leading the Way

Dr. Goldman's innovative diagnostic technique combines applied kinesiology muscle-testing with traditional chiropractic leg-checking.  This exciting new technique was created by Dr. Goldman, and you won't find it anywhere else!  He believes by applying this technique, the body can more effectively tell him the location of the weakness and misalignment. 


After pinpointing your problem area(s), it's time to get to work on putting your bones back in their correct spot.  At the Chiropractic Center, we use the impulse adjusting instrument for that.  Dr. Goldman is the only certified impulse instrument adjuster in Cleveland, Tennessee and the surrounding areas.  The impulse instrument creates a low impact adjustment, and allows him to hone in on targeted, specific areas of the body. 


By using this special system, he's able to get to the root of the problem quickly and more accurately.  It's become very popular with our patients!  It's not for people who prefer to be popped and cracked, or for people who get freaked out by a doctor "reading" the body. 


However, if you're looking for a safe and gentle adjustment, and understand that your body can communicate by strengthening to what it needs and weakening to what it doesn't need, then this  method is for you!  

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