Headaches Resolutions and Chiropractic Treatments

Four out of five people suffer from some form of headaches. These extend from an occasional headache to constant debilitating migraines. If you have suffered from a pounding headache you know it can constantly distract you and make it hard to perform other functions with a clear mind. The usual solution is to take some pain killer or lie down but this is only a temporary remedy that gets overused; some people develop an addiction to pain killers as it seems to be the only thing that keeps the pain away.

What is the real solution? To answer this question let’s look at what causes headaches.




19 out of 20 headaches are caused by muscle tension in the neck or back; 1 out of 20 is caused by the actual physical disease. This means that the majority of the time other than prescribing a pain killer there is little that a doctor, untrained in muscle tension relief, can do to help.


Muscle tension can have multiple causes; from back problems to an incorrect position, lack of exercise, nutritional deficiencies, and untreated injuries.

Causes of headaches

Why see a chiropractor?

By actual research chiropractic adjustment as well as massage treatment relieves the muscle tension bringing about immediate headache relief.


At The Chiropractic Center, we bring it a step further by discovering what brought about the muscle tension and treating it. Our expert chiropractor may also recommend massage treatment as well as rehabilitation exercises and nutritional advice to bring about lasting relief.


If you are suffering from headaches just give us a call and schedule an appointment and let us help you get some lasting relief.

Interested in getting rid of your headaches?

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