Chiropractic Techniques

There is a huge variety of different chiropractic techniques and each doctor of chiropractic may use different techniques with his patients. We at The Chiropractic Center are here to help you understand what each technique is and when your doctor will usually use a particular technique.

There are many ways or techniques to adjust the spine. Each chiropractor becomes skilled in a variety of adjustment procedures that are most suitable for his patient’s injury or condition, age and body type. This article will consider some of the most popular techniques.


Gonstead Technique

Gonstead adjustments are made to improve the alignment of intervertebral discs. People who suffer from injury to these discs may experience spinal subluxations and that is the reason why Gonstead chiropractic techniques are used to diagnose intervertebral disc lesions and treat them. Together with the ability to discover conditions which affect pelvic alignment, spine alignment, and neurological outcomes of vertebral subluxation the Gonstead techniques are well suited to help in analyzing and treating these conditions.


Thompson Terminal Point Technique

Thompson technique is a way for a chiropractor to practice spinal adjustments with the ability to control the force of the thrust used for each adjustment. Doctors often use Thompson Chiropractic technique on a table specially designed for this technique. The table has several segmented drop points which allow for the table to be positioned a quarter of an inch either up or down. When thrust is performed in the adjustment the table will absorb some of the force and drop down a quarter of an inch allowing for a more calculated and controlled spinal adjustment.


Palmer Toggle Recoil Technique

Palmer Toggle-recoil technique is another chiropractic technique in use today. Originally the technique was used as a full spine adjusting method but today it is used almost solely for upper cervical adjusting. The method uses a thrust which works together with the contraction of the triceps and the anconeus muscles. The Palmer Toggle recoil chiropractic technique relies on adjustment depth through the pectoralis muscles and the quick off of the patient’s body contact point.


Activator Technique

AMCT or Activator chiropractic technique is a way for chiropractors to evaluate and treat vertebrae positioning by observing the length of the patient’s legs. The patient is laying down, face down, on a table and the length of his or her legs is observed. If one leg seems shorter than the other then muscle tests are carried out in order to make the vertebrae that are causing the misalignment react. In this way, different vertebras are discovered and treated to restore correct body and spinal alignment.


Nimmo or Receptor-Tonus Technique

The receptor-Tonus technique or the Nimmo chiropractic technique is a way for a chiropractor to treat subluxations produced by hyper myotonia in the skeletal system. The Nimmo technique uses ischemic compression in a systematic way to allow it to remove myofascial trigger points.


Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique – B.E.S.T.

The Bio Energetic Synchronization chiropractic technique or B.E.S.T. for short is an energy balancing technique. This healing system focuses on negative effects on the conscious mind which in turn deplete the strength of our nervous system and organs. This depletion is believed to cause numerous stress and health related problems which over time can cause illnesses and health problems. The B.E.S.T. chiropractic technique works to restore the ability of the body to heal itself. This technique has been recognized as effective and a legitimate healing science by Chiropractic Colleges in America.


Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT)

The SOT or Sacro Occipital chiropractic technique is another technique which is focused on diagnosing and treating pelvis, visceral system, and extremities problems. The system was developed by Dr. major de Jarnette. SOT is primarily focused on cranial work which helps to analyze spinal, organ and cranial problems.

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